Councillor Bob Parker wants to be the Mayor of Christchurch. The former television host has been doing the rounds of late - kissing babies, ringing up radio talkback, appearing on TV chat shows. Bob wants the votes of Christchurch's ratepayers - but his recent track reveals that he doesn't necessarily have the interests of all Christchurch ratepayers in mind.

First up, Councillor Bob supports the destruction of more Christchurch houses to be replaced by tiny boxes - otherwise known as townhouses. It's the best solution to Christchurch's growing population he argues - but there is scant evidence to back up Councillor Bob's argument.

There is ample evidence to suggest though that Christchurch property developers will make huge profit's via Councillor Bob's urban strategy. Interestingly, the Christchurch Press revealed two months ago that Councillor Bob's mayoral campaign is to be largely funded by a prominent Christchurch property developer. Golly - what a coincidence.

Councillor Bob, by the way, lives in a big house in Akaroa - up on the hills with not a townhouse in sight.

Councillor Bob doesn't think much of democratic accountability either.

Recently he voted for the creation of three Christchurch City Council shelf companies. This will allow some council organisations to do what they like without being acccountable to the ratepayers of Christchurch who fund them.

Last week Councillor Bob, ignoring the wishes of the majority of Christchurch's citiizens, voted for the construction of a 'service road' through the previously pedestrian-only Cashel Mall. He also ignored Cashel Mall small business owners, who also don't want the 'service road'.

In fact as former architect Peter Beaven pointed out in a letter to the Christchurch Press, the only organisations who want this road are the big corporations.

Councillor Bob, a man with a penchant for expensive suits, has demonstrated he's no friend of the little guy or girl. But, hey, if you're a property developer or a big business or if you've just got lotsa cash, then Councillor Bob wants to talk to you..
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