TVNZ apparently doesn't have the money to fund a decent current affairs programme, but it seems to be able to have plenty of cash to send it's staff to sunny Sevilla to allegedly report on the America's Cup.

The latest TVNZ staffer to turn up for a wee bit of a break is presenter Wendy Petrie.

On Sunday night we were treated to Ms Petrie to interviewing two other TVNZ journalists down on the Sevilla waterfront. Why is she there? Why couldn't the interview be done via the studio? Well, Sevilla's weather is far more attractive than Auckland's right now and Ms Petrie gets the opportunity to wear her summer clothes.

One of the TVNZ staffers she 'interviewed' was TVNZ's European correspondent, Melissa Stokes. Apparently being at the America's Cup is far more urgent than reporting on such trivial matters as terrorist bombings in Britain.

Well, Ms Petrie is getting into the swing of the things, even trying out her Spanish greetings on us poor sods who paid for her to swan off to Spain.

The rumour is that she'll be joining the nonsensical John McBeth in another big round of cheerleading. Hopefully Alinghi will win 5-2 and these clowns will have to return home and possibly do some work...

Meanwhile TV3 has three people over in Sevilla, including news presenter Hilary Barry, who seems to be enjoying her holiday.


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