Our mystery Meridian Energy consumer took himself to the point of disconnection to see if there was any change in this new more 'socially aware' guideline era. (see July 26 entry).

Did our mystery Meridian customer receive any sympathetic calls from Meridian, perhaps offering a plan to pay the bill in instalments? No. Nor did Meridian indicate it wanted to consult with 'social agencies' in an attempt to prevent disconnection.

In fact - nothing was heard from Meridian.

So our mystery consumer rang them.

The response? According to the Meridian's female representative, our consumer would receive a phone call before he was cut off. How nice.

When our secret consumer asked why Meridian was not operating to the new guidelines, the woman didn't appear to know what he was talking about.

Meridian, it seems, is still disconnecting people like it has always done - despite assurances from its government owner that things would be different.


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