New Zealand or more specifically, New Zealand parliamentary politicians made Jon Stewart's The Daily Show (C4, Tues-Fri 10pm) this week.

The Thursday night edition of the US satirical show (broadcast in New Zealand on Friday night) lampooned the pomposity of 'our representatives' who have unilaterally decided they don't want to be shown in a 'bad light' on television during parliamentary sessions - even if they are making fools of themselves.

The Daily Show rightly decided that such nonsense couldn't go unreported and proceeded to satirise our egotistical M.P.'s. PM Clark, Deputy PM Cullen and Foreign Minister Goff all got the treatment.

Phil Goff, not known for being a stand-up comedian, raised a few laughs when one of his dreary parliamentary speeches came complete with big farting noises.

Of course, all the main television channels have said they will ignore the ruling of the speaker, Margaret Wilson, and continue to broadcast what they like when they like.

The Daily Show is an Emmy-award American satirical show that is broadcast on Comedy Central each weeknight. It pulls in audience figures in the region of 1.5 milion, a high figure for a show on cable televison. It is also broadcast in a number of other countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.


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