New Zealand governments are tremendously keen to stay onside with the Chinese Stalinist regime. And so they turn a blind eye to the Chinese regime's appalling human rights record, its oppression of the Tibetan people and the Falun Gong - and anyone else it doesn't like.

Then, of course, there are the miserable wages paid to Chinese workers in order that retailers such as The Warehouse and The $2 Shop can sell cheap goods that may or may not poison you.

How bad is this Chinese regime? Well, its so oppressively and madly dictatorial that it recently banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnation without government permission!

Of course, this implies that the Stalinist regime, despite its hostility to Buddhism,actually believes in reincarnation. And how will they know a Buddhist monk has reincarnated?

And this is the regime the New Zealand Government wishes to sign a free trade agreement with...


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