TV3 have decided to have a crack at breakfast TV.

Presently eight people watch TV1's Breakfast but TV3 is confident it can attract at least three people to its show.

It might be overestimating Sunrise's appeal, especially - for reasons that are hard to fathom - one of the presenters will be the awful James Coleman.

Coleman has a long track record in journalism. Er, no he doesn't. Coleman has spent most of his time cavorting around on pop music radio.

This is patently evident on Radio Live where, unless he has access to a website or some hard copy, he flounders.

But apparently lack of knowledge is no barrier to fronting a news and current affairs show on TV3.

Nor will he be giving the prospective viewer a different political perspective. Like Paul Henry on TV1, Coleman is yet another right-winger. How right wing? Well, on Radio Live he blamed the unfortunate Ms Muliaga for having her power cut off. He even went on to speculate that she was possibly spending her money on 'smokes'.

Coleman's co-host is Carly Flynn. She used to be Carly Kirkwood but just because she got married, she ditched her own family name. Very emancipatory, we don't think.

She's done an ok job reading her lines on Nightline, although she's got an irritating habit of making 'bedroom eyes' at the camera and her hair seems to be a continual work in progress.

Her inspiration is obviously more Kelly Ripa than John Pilger.

Coleman and Flynn will be getting up for sunrise - its unlikely that many other people will be though.


  1. cmon steve do you really expect in depth journalism from breakfast tv? we all surely know by now the media says what its sponsors wantr it to say, that mainstream media is the lapdog to its sponsors...thus the need for blogs and books and the few glimpses of light in some print media.
    As for the co-host adopting her husbands name, maybe she sees marriage as two people uniting in the interests of thier children?...where respect for her husband and her role as his wife she is giving thier kids security in a symbolic and important gesture of unity? Maybe feminism has gone way too far when most kids now do not feel they are the priority to thier parents coz women have become so obssessed with self over family?Theres alot of kids out there now who know they come second or worse after mums career...and they are angry. Feminism has become the last question it is to be discommunicated from modern self obssessed liberal society.


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