Sideshow Bob, having been voted a minority Christchurch mayor, feels he can now reinterpret the facts to suit himself.

The latest piece of claptrap from Sideshow, is that his election and the re-election of sitting councillors is a 'vindication' of present council policies.

A total voter turnout of 43 percent of eligible voters is hardly a vindication of council policies. Of that total vote, Sideshow was unable to convince even half of them that he was the man for the job.

And, of course, Bob and his esteemed councillors pulled a swifty on the Christchurch citizens by voting to spend some $103 million on new civic offices just two days before polling closed. By this stage the large majority had voted - many of them would have voted differently if they known what Sideshow and co were about to do.

Meanwhile we await for Sideshow to release details of who financially backed him - as he promised to do during the election campaign. Although, surprise, Bob will not be providing details of his biggest financial supporters.

Property developer David Henderson, a man with very right wing views, denies he made a financial contribution although another property developer, Ian McKenzie, may of assisted.


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