Sideshow Bob Parker wants to be Mayor of Christchurch and he's spent some $60,000 on his election campaign which has been orchestrated by a public relations firm.

Bob has been portraying itself as a candidate who is above petty party politics. Bob has been presenting itself as the plucky independent (albeit in expensive Italian suits) fighting the good fight against his main rival, 2021's Megan Woods - who is backed by the Labour Party. Bob has even gone as far to imply that Labour have been running a smear campaign against him - although there is no evidence of that.

But is Bob really the political 'independent' that he says he is? We think not.

Take his billboard campaign. Many of them are on the properties of a well known National Party stalwart. Strangely, Bob's defence is that the billboard campaign is the responsibility of his wife.

And Bob talks about being financially backed by his 'friends' -although he refuses to divulge who has helped to fund his campaign. That's probably because most of them occupy the right side of the political spectrum.

One of Bob's supporters is local property developer Ian Mckenzie, a man not known for his liberal views.

Meanwhile a Bob Parker spoof has appeared on You Tube (see my last post) which has annoyed Bob no end. He says its vindictive but he's probably more unhappy that it underlines that as Banks Peninsula Mayor, Bob oversaw saw some big rate hikes.

Indeed Sideshow Bob Parker claims he's against a rates increases - but as a Christchurch city councillor he voted for the last two increases.

As Bart says, Sideshow Bob is a phoney..


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