Christchurch - this is your life! Or for the next three years anyway. Yes, former TV presenter and Mayor of Akaroa, Sideshow Bob Parker was voted Christchurch mayor today. In a low poll (only 43 percent of eligible voters bothered to vote) he beat his main opponent, 2021's Megan Woods, by some 17,000 votes.

But Sideshow Bob has always proven to be flexible with the truth and he's already told his first big porky.

In a staggering display of political arrogance, the outgoing Council voted to spend $105 million on new offices - just two days before the mayoral and council election closed.

Furthermore, councillors were given only twelve hours notice that the massive commercial project would be on the agenda of the final council meeting - and the councillors were only provided details at the meeting itself. Demonstrating its contempt for the very people it claims to represent, the council meeting was closed to the public - and not unusual occurrence with this council.

Councillors voted 12-1 in favour of the shonky project, including the vote of Sideshow Bob.

However during his election campaign Sideshow Bob told the public he would defer a decision on new offices until after election.

But to add insult to injury, Sideshow then lied that he had lied.

Sideshow Bob, acting all aggrieved, claimed he had made no promise about deferring a decision on the civic building. 'It is really sad when my opponents feel that the best they can do to win is to put lies in my mouth and repeat them ad nauseum.'

But why would anyone want to put lies in Sideshow's mouth, when he does such a good job all by himself?

Sideshow Bob's sob story is also nonsense - which The Press exposed in today's edition.

It pointed out that at The Press mayoral debate, 'Parker said he would be prepared to defer a civic building decision until after the election.'

So Sideshow Bob was exposed telling another porky.

But Sideshow is always keen to try a new line, so he's been trying the angle that the deal was 'a use it or lose it deal' - a decision had to be made immediately.

More Bob bullshit. Nga Tahu, the owners of the former Post Office building destined to be new council HQ, have had enormous difficulties in finding either a buyer, partner or tenant for this building. It's been a big, empty white elepahant for years.

So Sideshow Bob is off to the mayoral office, a story for every occasion..

We'll be tracking his adventures...


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