It's been widely suspected that Sideshow Bob's mayoral campaign was partly funded by property developers and that was confirmed today.

The Press has revealed that David Ogilvie-Lee, a Melbourne-based developer, sunk $10,000 into Sideshow's $60,000 campaign.

Ogilvie-Lee, who was raised in Christchurch and who owns the Triangle Centre in the Cashel Mall, is a member of the Christchurch Business Association. Among other things, it has long campaigned for Cashel Mall's demise as a pedestrian-only mall - something that Sideshow supports.

Sideshow Bob has until December 17 to lodge his election return.

Sideshow, in a staggering display of political pomposity, has said he might release the details of his financial backers before the December 17 deadline but only if it is treated 'responsibly' and not the subject of 'political games'.

This suggests Sideshow will lodge his return on December 17 in the hope it will get lost in the pre-Christmas rush.


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