Another exclusive look behind the scenes at the Jim and Carly Show...

Jim: Sorry I 'm late..slept in.
Carly: Whatever. Have you seen the ratings. They say there's only 19, 000 people tuning into
Jim: What's wrong with that? It's way more than I ever got on Radio Live!
Carly: More people watch the infomercials than our show!
Jim: Well, they are quite informative. I've learnt a lot about skin care. Hey, and Leeza Gibbons is still a bit of a looker.
Carly: But why aren't people watching? What about that great review we did of the new Duran Duran album! Essential viewing!
Jim: You said it. It was a good job both of us interviewed the reviewer -it was a tough topic.
Carly: A great American band!
Jim: I thought they were Australian
Carly: And what about our clever banter? I thought that chat we had about Paris Hilton was fantastic.
Jim: Yeah and totally topical - Paris Hilton is a major figure in world affairs.
Carly: Yeah, and she's got a better fashion sense than that Moustache guy in Pakistan. Military uniforms are so 1980's!
Jim: Yeah, and those unkind comments people have been putting on You Tube have been really hurtful. How can anyone describe us as more boring than Paul Henry? That's really hitting below the belt
Carly: You reckon we'll get axed for re-runs of Everyone Loves Raymond?
Jim: I'll probably end up on Kiwi FM!
Carly: And I'll end up on C4! There's no wardrobe budget!

More drivel until commercial break...


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