Seventeen Tuhoe and Tuhoe-linked activists were arrested under the umbrella of the Suppression of Terrorism Act -but were eventually charged with arms offences.

The police have alleged that Molotov cocktails were being made and that even a napalm bomb was explored in the Urewera's - but, until the cases arrive in the courts, we don't know just how credible police allegations are.

But one bomb that did not go off happened yesterday morning on Rangitoto Island in the Waitemata Harbour. And Tame Iti was nowhere to be seen!

Businessman Marc Ellis and two business colleagues let of smoke flares to stimulate a eruption on the extinct volcano.

It was all designed to promote a new business venture of Ellis's and his two co-directors, Ben Hickey and Mark Dalton.

Ellis did not get permission to let off the explosion which the Department of Conservation say could have had devastating consequences if a fire had broken out.

There is a total fire ban on the island. Rangitoto is of ecological significance and has the largest pohutukawa forest in New Zealand.

As well, Auckland City Council says the stunt generated a lot of calls from concerned members of the public.The council said that the volume of calls puts pressure on emergency response systems.

But have Marc Ellis, Mark Dalton and Ben Hickey been arrested by the police and charged?

No. Absolutely nothing has happened.

And what of the corporate media who have busy demonising the Tuhoe activists?

Well, they've just treated the whole affair as a publicity stunt by Marc Ellis. Hey, Marc's just a bit of a 'lad', that's all!

In fact TVNZ cooperated with Ellis because they had a camera crew filming the explosion.

The footage featured prominently on the TVNZ news bulletins and on a 20/20 profile of Ellis broadcast on TV2 on the evening of the 'publicity stunt'.

It seems if you're a millionaire card-carrying capitalist businessman and ex-All Black you can get away with breaking the law.

And the media give you're law-breaking a whole load of free publicity!


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