Sideshow Bob Parker, the new Mayor of Christchurch, attended the premiere of We're Here To Help, the movie about local property developer Dave Henderson and his 'struggle' with the Inland Revenue.

Henderson is a right wing libertarian who, under the banner of 'personal freedom', thinks capitalists should be able to do what they like, when they like - and stuff the working class.

Henderson supports Sideshow Bob, although he denied making any financial contribution to his election campaign - although another property developer, David Ogilivie Lee contributed $10,000 to Sideshow's campaign.

Meantime, Sideshow has still to lodge his financial election return with the registrar...


  1. The "working class" have plenty to thank Mr Henderson for. His fight with the IRD resulted in an overhall of the IRD system. There are plently of "working class" people who ended up in a cemetary because of the IRD culture at that time. I knew a couple.

    Every taxpayer owes this guy for the small improvement that he eventually made to the IRD system. (after 4 years and a huge personal cost).


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