Jim: Breaking news, Carly. It's nearly Christmas. Well, that's what the autocue says anyway..

Carly: That's right- it is Christmas. And, just to be even more banal than usual, we're going to bore our four viewers with cheesy Christmas features.

Jim: That's right, Carly. And today I'm talking about the real meaning of Christmas - buying lots of stuff.

Carly: That's right. Buying stuff - stuff advertised on this channel even.

Jim: But Carly, what about Jesus?

Carly: I think he'd like an ipod for Christmas -I know I would!

Jim: I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and peace and goodwill to all.

Carly: Even the Muliaga family, Jim? You know, the mother - Folole Muliaga - who had her power cut off and died because she couldn't use her oxygen machine?

Jim: Well, it was tragic..

Carly: Didn't you say it was her own fault?

Jim: I don't think so, Carly..

Carly: Yes you did - you suggested she couldn't pay her power bill because she was spending her money on cigarettes. You said it on Radio Live..

Jim: Let's talk about something else..is it time for a commercial break yet? Maybe I could review a record...

Carly: She didn't smoke, Jim..

Jim: Shut up, Carly.

More drivel until commercial break...


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