I watched some of TV3's breakfast 'news' show Sunrise again today - it was something to do while I ironed my trousers.

There are some big issues to cover. Iraq, of course. But what about Venezuela and its audacious stand against the forces of global capitalism? Or perhaps, locally, it might have a rigorous examination of the Green Party and why it has turned into a meek lapdog for the Labour Government?

No, hosts Jim and Carly had bigger and more important things to talk about. They interviewed two other colleagues from C4 about TV3's upcoming Christmas In The Park!

You know you're watching bad television when so-called 'interviews' are nothing more than long commercials for upcoming shows.

I switched over to see the very-right-wing Paul Henry waving his arms about and his sidekick, Pippa Witzell, pretending to find him funny.

I switched off.

New Zealand television journalism is, at best, mediocre but at breakfast time its abysmal.


  1. It isn't news - it's not supposed to be. You have to judge it as light entertainment while you iron your trousers - not as a proper news broadcast. Having said that Sunrise and the banal Coleman would certainly fail even on that level.


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