Working at The Warehouse, New Zealand's version of Wal-Mart (which was founder Stephen Tindall's 'inspiration') is not exactly an enriching experience.

At the place 'where everyone gets a bargain' the wages are low and the work is monotonous.

The Warehouse posted a $115.5 million profit this year.

But employees who don't buy the management propaganda about The Warehouse being a great place to work with plenty of 'career opportunities' get short shrift from the company that claims on its website that it supports its 'terrific team of people'.

Deena Pawson from Whangarei got the sack from The Warehouse after posting some uncomplimentary comments about her employer on her Bedo page.

She said that 'work sux' and working to midnight was 'gay like the management'.

'Gay' is popular slang for something that is rubbish or hopeless.

What Deena didn't know was that her boss was reading her Bedo page and promptly sacked her for 'serious misconduct'. We'd like to know why her boss was reading her page in the first place.

We say, well done Deena for speaking out against your crap job!


  1. Garbage, if she didn't like it there she had a choice. Work elsewhere!


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