Sideshow Bob Parker is still a-hankering after a mayoral car. Sideshow’s bid to bring the mayoral limousine out of mothballs proved deeply unpopular with the good people of Christchurch so Sideshow’s given up on that idea.

But now the Mayor of Christchurch has moved on to plan B.

In fact over recent weeks Sideshow has been cruising around town in ‘plan B’ - a silver Audi. It’s an Audi TT roadster to be precise – it’s a two litre turbo job that can reach a 100k/hr in 6.5 seconds. It has a top speed of 237 k/hr.

Where did this $90,000 car come from you ask? Why, it came from the car firm Archibalds- which is owned by John Fairhall. Fairhall donated $5000 to Sideshow’s election campaign. (Fairhall’s wife stood as a Citizens candidate a few years ago).

Sideshow says he is ‘test driving’ a number of cars – that ‘test driving’ has included jaunts out to his Akaroa home.

Sideshow now wants to ‘lease’ a mayoral car – and he says there is ‘no conflict of interest’ in leasing a vehicle from one of campaign backers. Too true Bob – where is the ‘conflict of interest’ in just looking after a mate?

According to John Fairhall he likes Sideshow because he is a ‘very market-orientated person.’ In other words, he is a fellow right wing free marketeer.

Most sensible people know that Sideshow is engaging in more conspicuous consumption.

But Sideshow Bob’s latest baloney is that he wants a $90,000 flash Audi because it runs on diesel! Hey, if that’s really the case I know where Bob can pick up a nice diesel-powered family sedan for less than $20,000.


  1. Hi there,
    Is your comment about Mayor Bob Parker purchasing a $90,000 Audi from a man who donated $5,000 towards his mayoralty campaign?

  2. Sophie,
    Sorry about the very-overdue reply- I just saw you comment.
    Yes, it is true that Parker got his Audi from one of his campaign backers.


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