While the world watches and protests against the violent oppression of the Tibetan people by the Chinese regime, some people just don't care.

Take Christchurch Mayor Sideshow Bob Parker. He, along with at least 95 business 'leaders', is off to Beijing next month to attend the signing of the disastrous free trade agreement with China.

Sideshow Bob, along with his wife Joanna Parker, is also going to Wuhan and Gansu. The trip will cost the Christchurch ratepayer over $12,000.

Also going to Wunah for ten days is the morally-challenged Christchurch councillor Barry Corbett. Corbett's travel and accomodation expenses wil bring the total bill to approximately $18.000.

This proposed Chinese jaunt has provoked outrage.

Tibetan exile Yongten, who has lived in Christchurch for eight years, had this to say about Parker's proposed Chinese adventure:

"I want to know if the majority of New Zealanders have a clear conscience on moral grounds supporting Bob Parker having a handshake with people that have stains of fresh blood from Tibet.'

Christchurch pro-Tibet peace rally organiser Keran Tsering, who is married to Tibetan exile Ngawang, said Parker should reconsider travelling to China.

"Anybody who is going across there -- they need to rethink their priorities," she said.

"They are putting business ahead of humans."

Barry Corbett, who recently supported the alleged murderer of an Auckland teenager, refused to comment on the moral implications of the trip. Given his recent track record, he probably didn't understand the question.

The Audi-driving Parker is the only mayor from the four main New Zealand centres to attend the signing.


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