At a Christchurch Council meeting this morning Sideshow Bob and his cronies defeated a proposal to replace the 24 percent rent rise with a more modest and manageable 5 percent.

Sideshow's victory was hollow though: the proposal was only defeated 7-6 and Sideshow Bob is not only massively unpopular among Christchurch ratepayers he now sits at the head of a split council.

The councillors who voted to retain the 24 percent increase were Gail Sheriff, Claudia Reid, Sideshow Bob Parker, David Cox, Sue Wells, Ngaire Button and Mike Wall.

Yani Johanson, Norm Withers, Chrissie Williams, Helen Broughton, Sally Buck and Bob Shearing voted in favour of reducing the rent increase to 5 percent.

It was an extremely tense meeting with more than a hundred council tenants in attendance. The final vote was met with a chorus of derision.
One person was heard to call Sideshow Bob 'a rich prick'

Sideshow Bob - fresh from defending the Stalinist regime in China - looked rather uncomfortable rarely acknowledging the large crowd in attendance.


  1. Like a petulant teenager who has been caught stealing money from his mothers purse, Sideshow refuses to look at the people he's screwing over. He's a spoilt brat. I personally would have done worse than spat at him, I would have smacked his conceited lazy ass. Every time I look at this looser my blood boils!


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