It’s interesting to note that presenter Paul Henry’s glowing biography on the TVNZ website makes no reference to him standing as a National Party candidate in 1999. Why?

Meanwhile Green Party co-leader Russell Norman is seething at the treatment he received from Henry in an interview on Wednesday’s Breakfast (May 7).

Henry appeared incensed that Norman could actually dare criticise the government for softening its stance on the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Such was Henry’s obvious hostility that co-presenter Pippa Witzell was moved to imply that Henry had displayed his political colours throughout the interview.

Curiously though Witzell’s comment has been edited out of the version that appears on the TVNZ website.

Henry’s style might go down a treat on Fox TV, but why is Henry being allowed to use Breakfast - and occasionally Close Up to attack politicians and political parties he doesn’t like – while giving John Key and the National Party an easy ride?


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