Fun-loving Christchurch Mayor Sideshow Bob Parker recently attended a bash for the website site is aimed at young New Zealand women.

The site features a "sealed section" for reviews of dildos, bondage cuffs and erotic fiction.

Sideshow Bob got into the swing of things by presenting this 'lucky' young woman with a big pink vibrator.

Bob looks like he’s enjoying himself, doesn’t it? Obviously he's not 'struggling' with putting council rents up by 24 percent.

However this photo has since vanished from the Slynkey website. The website owners say they took down the photo because it was not ‘representative’ of the event. Whatever that means.

However you'll be happy to know that we'll be featuring this lovely photo on a regular basis throughout the rest of the year.

We invite readers to submit humourous captions, double entendres, etc.


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