The very-right-wing TVNZ presenter Paul Henry and the right-wing newsreader Peter Williams were sharing a giggle or two about pre-privatisation New Zealand Railways on Breakfast this morning.

'It was just like social welfare,' commented Williams. 'Everyone was employed there.'

Former National Party candidate Henry chimed in, 'And, you know, when there was extra work on they brought in extra people!'

Henry, who has criticised John Key for being 'centrist' then amused himself speculating on who could head NZ Railways. 'What about Ross Armstrong?' asked Henry. 'Or Ian Fraser?'

However no jokes were to be heard about how the privatised NZ Rail has been run into the ground, with little money spent on crucial modernisation and rails services cut.

And just to rub it in, Henry then talked to the man largely responsible for selling NZ Rail in the first place - former Labour minister Richard Prebble. Not surprisingly, he opposed the renationalisation.

Henry gave Prebble a easy ride, seemingly unable to challenge the discredited Prebble on anything at all. In fact Henry then went on to ask him who he thought could head NZ Rail.

'The Labour Party President,' contributed Prebble.

Clearly Henry is now in full election campaign mode. He wants a National Government -even if he thinks John Key isn't right wing enough.


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