I see that Amnesty International have reported that more than 1,000 Tibetans ‘detained’ during the March protests against the Chinese regime are still ‘missing’.

Amnesty say that there are reports that detainees have been beaten and deprived of food.

Amnesty International's Asia-Pacific Director Sam Zarifi said the information coming out of Tibet painted "a dire picture of arbitrary detentions and abuse of detainees".

With foreign journalists still not allowed into Tibet, reports coming through friends and family members to the media and Tibetan organisations suggested that police had carried out hundreds of raids on monasteries, nunneries and private homes.

No doubt Christchurch Mayor Sideshow Bob Parker would say that this is yet another example of the media giving a ‘one-sided’ view of what’s happening in Tibet.

Speaking of things China, I have still have not a ruling from the Broadcasting Standards Authority about my complaint against local channel Canterbury Television for screening a particularly vile piece of Chinese propaganda against the Tibetan uprising. (see March 25 blog).

I lodged a complaint nearly three months ago!

Apparently things move slowly in the offices of the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

The Tumeke blog, run by Martyn Bradbury (presently reading a confidential Corrections Department document), Tim Selwyn and Ben Thomas, recently compiled a list of the top one hundred New Zealand posts (based on various criteria).

This blog hasn’t been around that long so it ain’t in the top 100 as yet –well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

However it did get a special mention as a blog worthy of attention.

My recent reports on the adventures of Sideshow Bob Parker also got a mention. This is what Tumeke said:

I love how much he hates the Mayor of Christchurch, "Sideshow Bob", I hate him too now too. This blog will make you love to hate him. Not since the Michael Laws-watch blog has an obsessional fixation bordering on stalking been made into an art form.

I hate Sideshow Bob? He’s a right wing politician who call himself ‘independent’. He puts council rents up by twenty-four percent. He defends the murderous Chinese regime. He ponces around in a $100,000 Audi while a great many people are struggling to pay the power bill and buy the groceries. What’s not to hate?

But obsessed? No, of course not. Excuse me, while I stick another pin in my Bob Parker doll..


  1. I agree with you that parker is a ponce...but chch voted him in...maybe a lesson for us about being more careful how we use our votes...about china and democracy...china just narrowly escaped total slavery to western'christen' imperialism in the 19th and 20 centuries, france, the brits japan russia and other wanna bes were steadily encroaching on chinese soveriegnty until the chinese finally chucked them out. China narrowly escaped the fate of Africa and latin subjugation, and as for tibet...when China finnaly achieved some unity under Mao, its realised the western imperial powers especially the US would love to use Tibet as a launching pad/ miliatry base....I dont blame China for taking order to secure thier hard won soveriegnty, sure geo politics is a messy business, and China regime is not any cleaner than western powers, but how about we clean up our rather compromised 'democracy before being too critical of them?


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