Carbon trading schemes are a PR con. Biofuels are depriving the world's poor of sufficient food, leading to mass starvation. James Ayers comments.

The 21st Century phenomenon’s of global warming, peak oil, food miles etc are all rapidly becoming entrenched in the public psyche and therefore political agenda. This comes as no surprise, as civilisation’s addiction to oil, and greenhouse gas emissions resulting from our selfish and decadent lifestyles have serious consequences for the future of mankind on this planet.

Scientific consensus around the world is that anthropogenic global warming is real, and on this matter I am inclined to agree with them. Big business on the other hand is far more sceptical, especially where their profits are threatened.

However, what is surprising is that mainstream media seems to be supportive of the scientific view. Al Gore has conveniently become the new cause celebre and picked up a Nobel Peace prize for his efforts in An Inconvenient Truth. While this cause may be more noble than the one he fought in 2000 (for the US presidency), anyone who has seen his movie would have been disappointed that he focused on the symptom (global warming) not the cause (the unsustainable, petroleum based economic growth agenda).

You see mainstream media is owned by the same ruling elite who own the other enslaving industries on Earth, such as oil and finance.

For decades, the media has been used primarily to shape public opinion, so what are they preparing us for next? Are they trying to win over the hippies and greenies, generation x,y, and z using the old gospel of “save the planet’? Or is there another agenda, with the promotion of technologies like biofuels, carbon trading and carbon sequestration? Unfortunately for all of us, there is A SECRET AGENDA. The ruling elite wants us to remain addicted to oil, and kill off the poor in the process.

Take for example, biofuels. It may delay the onset of peak oil for a month or two, and ease the conscience of the SUV driving Fendalton set. But at what cost? Millions of acres previously devoted to feeding people, are now devoted to feeding petrol tanks. This combined with escalating world food prices, means many millions more will literally starve to death!

The media of course will portray this as the result of a severe drought instead of the Truth, INTENTIONAL GENOCIDE. The Starbucks owned corporate coffee farms in Africa will remain irrigated while the local population dies of thirst!

It will be much easier for the West to grab whatever resources are left in the poorer regions of the world, if the local populations are not there. This is the real agenda behind the push to biofuels.

What about carbon offset trading schemes as a way of reducing global warming? Plant a few trees each time you make an overseas trip or buy a new car - Yeah Right! Worldwide these schemes have mushroomed out of nowhere into a multi-billion dollar industry.

What characterises this industry? No real standards, regulations or watchdogs, little verification of schemes, and sadly little or no reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The industry is a re-run of the Wild West, dominated by snake-oil salesmen out to make a quick profit in an unregulated market. A recent study showed that 60% of carbon offset schemes were unsuccessful or just didn’t happen! Easy money for those selling them.

As for the polluting businesses, carbon trading is a no-brainer. Buy enough carbon offsets (tax-deductible and pass on the remaining costs to customers), greenwash your annual report, and hey presto, receive Al Gore’s environmental endorsement for being carbon neutral. By the way, business as usual, keep pumping these gases into the atmosphere like there’s no tomorrow, literally.

Meanwhile it will be business as usual for the fossil fuel industries. They have no intention of weaning us off the stuff. Quite the opposite. Big Oil and Coal are making huge profits and will make even more in the future as fossil fuels become scarcer and prices rise. Throw in cartel control and pricing and their profits become astronomical.

Why let alternative energy sources like solar be developed, putting their guaranteed future profits at risk. Why let solar power be developed when the ruling elite can’t control or tax it - the sun shines everywhere and its free. Oil and coal are highly centralised, privately owned and distributed. What was once God given is now man-stolen, access to which is managed by GREED.

No, the fossil fuel industry has no intention of weaning us off their fix, and their new solution is carbon capture and sequestration, the kitty litter solution; bury it in the oceans or underground and hope it stays there. But will it and what sort of mess will we be leaving for our children to clean up or live with?

Carbon sequestration is the ultimate PR con that will convince the world that burning fossil fuels is safe, and we can continually fill the SUV and burn coal (if you have money) well into the future. And what will that future look like? Increasingly like HELL!

James Ayers is the ‘The Corporate Nemesis’, Plains FM 96.9, Christchurch, Tuesdays 11am.


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