Sideshow Bob has been patting himself on the back again (because no-one else will do it for him), claiming that the ‘biannual residents' survey shows overall satisfaction with the Christchurch City Council's services is increasing’

According to Sideshow ‘79% of those surveyed indicated they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the performance of the Christchurch City Council in delivering its services.’

What Sideshow Bob neglected to say though was that this phone survey of just 770 residents included only people in ‘private residences’. It did not include people in Christchurch City Council flats who have just suffered a 24 percent rent increase.

Indeed there is nothing in the survey at all about council housing.

On his self-congratulatory mayoral website, Sideshow Bob also sidestepped the issue of council housing.

Oh, but I’m sure you will all be concerned to know that he has been ‘battling the flu’.

I bet that Sideshow isn’t having to keep the heating switched off in order to afford the rent…


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