Councillor Sue Wells, not known for her modesty, has arrogantly dismissed the Christchurch public's opposition to the Henderson deal as 'stupid' and 'silly'.

Wells, like her fellow ward councillor Barry Corbett, is deeply unpopular with the people she is supposedly representing.

Dismissing the concerns of ratepayers who pay her inflated salary is par for the course for a councillor who famously told the Christchurch Star last year that if people wanted to talk to her they could do so while she was gardeniNG or in the supermarket!

This from a woman who campaigned on 'accountability' and the importance of 'consultation'!

She also voted to increase council rents by twenty-four percent after claming she had 'stuggled' with the increase.

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  1. Yes,
    Sue is a wag all right. Her profile statement for elections said that she wanted " to continue leading the people of Christchurch"
    Then during a debate about some private school she sends her boy to she described her family as

    These Councillors who are returned to office a few times seem to become progressively more sure of themselves.
    She sits up near the front of the Council hold Bob's hand and takes herself very seriously indeed.
    But you know she collects votes at nearly the top of the polls so..
    Sincerely, Paul Scott

  2. Boy, oh boy .... Didn't Sue Wells show herself at her hubris-free ego-laden best, on last night's TV1 interview!

    Sue: "You didn't even have the decency to come to us before going to the media"

    Why should people do that, Sue? So you can shut them up with spin and a few back-handers, before they can make your life too difficult, having already made your decisions in 'public-excluded" meetings?

    She really does not like the fact that her actions are and should be open to public scrutiny, does she!

    What a nasty, nasty woman

  3. I know this is old news but I have just been on the receiving end of one of dear Sue's arrogant and flippant decisions. I found this blog and just wanted to say - I agree whole heartedly!
    She is indeed a nasty, nasty woman! Nasty shallow and arrogant.
    I pray and hope for a voter backlash at the next elections.

  4. Dave- I'd be interested to hear the details, off the record if you so wish.
    You can email me at


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