The Office of the Auditor-General has confirmed it will investigate a property deal the Christchurch City Council made with a developer.

The council is spending almost $17 million to buy five properties from developer. Dave Henderson.

The move has drawn criticism from those who believe Mr Henderson contributed to Bob Parker's successful mayoral campaign, and council guidelines were ignored so the deal could get passed.

Eight formal complaints have been made to the Auditor General and the office confirmed on Wednesday it will hold a formal investigation.

The agency it has begun by looking into the council's decision-making processes.

-Radio New Zealand News


  1. A few attempts to justify Council's confidence in Henderson have been posted here, and in other forums, during recent days. They all have the same ring to them, and generally it is always that he is a man of great "passion", "vision" or "experience".

    The only "experience" that Henderson has is in the fields of creating elaborate networks of companies in order to facilitate his financial money-go-round. He also has close to 30 years experience in the field of employing gullible suppliers (future disgruntled creditors) for as long as he can, before finding reasons to replace them as the bills start to fall due.

    As far as experience in urban design and construction, he buys all that experience from other gullible but passionate individuals, and plagarises most of his "visions". As soon as the usefulness of these genuinely talented people is exhausted, they are discarded.

    One passion drives Dave Henderson, and neither the legal manoeuvrings of his (shareholder) Q.C. Austin Forbes, nor Henderson's own abilities in the field of P.R. spin, nor all the glossy websites in the world, will disguise that fact any longer. He is a commercial hazard, and needs to again be removed from circulation in the business community, and for as long as possible.


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