The eight councillors who voted to give failed property developer dave Henderson $17 million of public money for five over-valued properties were: Sideshow Bob Parker, Barry Corbett, Ngaire Button, David Cox, Susan Wells, Claudia Reid, Helen Broughton and Bob Shearing.

Yani Johanson and Sally Buck voted against the proposal.

Deputy mayor Norm Withers and Mike Wall were absent.

Councillor Chrissie Williams was absent at the time of voting and Gail Sheriff is on a ten week holiday and was last spotted in Bali.

Sideshow Bob, Susan Wells, Bob Shearing and council CEO Tony Marryatt will carry out the final negotations with Henderson. This was opposed by Johanson, Broughton and Williams.

None of the dismal councillors who voted to help out Henderson have had the guts to publicly defend their decision, rather they have left it to Sideshow Bob - from far away in Beijiing - to defend the shonky deal.


  1. Whilst not excusing in the least the way that 7 councillors voted, I have seen the way that Parker bullies all of them, and between him and Marryatt the same thing has probably happened here.

    One of the seven is in fact quite senile, but that is not to be held against him or her, but is rather just a sad inditement of the voter apathy that prevails in Christchurch

  2. Dave Henderson is not a Libertarianz, even though he does try to convince us (and, to please Rodney Hide) that he is. He is (or was) a member of ZAP, which is quite different and not something you would want to consider. A Libertarianz would not have gone along with the Council in this corrupt scheme. He has had more failed companies than most of us have had "hot dinners", and yet he still continues popping up, as bright as ever. Hanover, obviously, did not look into his past before they risked their investors funds with him. They should be prosecuted for being so lax. He got a lot of sympathy from the public with regards to fighting the IRD, but the public wouldn't have been so thrilled if they were aware of the true story and not the fabrication of lies that he wrote in his book. He ripped off the taxpayer for hundreds of thousands that never came to light. He will do the same again, if he gets the chance, when he sells these properties to the Council, and all into his own pocket. There will be many losers, the creditors, the ratepayers and the taxpayers. Guess who will still be leading the highlife ??…..AND HE WILL BE BACK, like he always has in the past 20+ years. Wish I could say more, but I am governed by the Official Secrecy Act, and I am treading on thin ice now. Chancery Lane is still on the Agenda.

  3. Oh ZAP! Worked for a family of these dudes when aged 17. They tried to talk me out of joining the union (I would've been the only one in the workplace). I got around it, by saying "well I'm sure I wont need it here, but I would like to support them for the good work they do for workers in other work places". Totally, TOTALLY optimistic bunch (gift of the gab and forever smiling-LOL SCARY!)


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