Failed property developer Dave Henderson will be fronting up on Newstalk ZB this morning, as he attempts to justify why he should of received $17 million of ratepayers money for five over-valued properties.

Joining Hendo will be one of the councillors who gave him the money - Susan Wells. Perhaps she drew the short straw.

Representing the Labour Government will be local MP Clayton Cosgrove and Pete Townsend of the Canterbury Chamber of Commerce will be there to outline the concerns of his organisation about the deal.

The debate can be heard on the Ali Jones show at 10.00am.

It can also be heard through the NewstalkZB website at

The line-up is a little disappointing.

Wells is one of Parker's cronies so we know what kind of drivel we will get from her.

Townsend, while critical of the property deal, continues to claim that Hendo is some kind of urban visionary - he appears to have conveniently forgotten that Henderson is also one of the main reasons that finance companies Dominion Finance and Hanover have got into trouble. Thanks to developers like Henderson defaulting on loans , 'small mum and dad' investors will only get some of their money back, if that.

That ain't 'visionary', Pete.

Hopefully Cosgrove will stick it to the shambolic Henderson...


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