As usual Dave Henderson is blaming someone else for the the controversy that has erupted over the shonky property deal he did with the Christchurch City Council.

This time that 'someone' is the media: "I think most of it is hysteria whipped up by the media. There's no seriously intellectual discussion. In three months it will be forgotten and I'll be a whipping boy for something else.' (National Business Review, August 17.)

That's right Dave, its just one big media beat-up orchestrated by people who have nothing better to do with their time.

Meanwhile the Henderson deal has gone down like a bucket of cold vomit with the local business sector.

Local developer John Pike has comented: "It's criminal. Everyone I've spoken to is just gobsmacked. It's extraordinary. You'll be surprised how many people are outraged. They're saying 'how can it be stopped?'" (National Business Review, August 17).

Of the five properties bought Pike says: '"No one wants these properties, they're not strategic. They have all been passed over by the private sector. They've been on the market for ages."

Yet, of course, both Sideshow Bob and his right hand man Tony Marryatt have claimed that the properties had to be bought quickly just in case someone else nipped in and got them in a firesale.

Pike adds: "We're funding developments we don't need or want. I don't Know if it's stupidity or corruption. It seems to be a repeat of the Turners & Growers sale to Wellington developers under [former mayor] Garry Moore. But nothing's happened on that site in four years."

Meanwhile Henderson has a date in the High Court in a fortnight when there will be a move to wind up Property Ventures and Five Mile (which is in recivership).

Smith Crane and Construction, which began proceedings, say that supporting creditors repersented about $5 million worth of unpaid debts by Henderson's companies.

And this is the guy Sideshow Bob and his council lackeys intend to use in a 'consultancy' role! Talk about letting the fox loose in the henhouse!

Finally, there is a rumor that local businessman Tim Glasson, with an eye on liquidation proceedings, has put in an offer of some $40 million for South of Lichfield.


  1. "Finally, there is a rumor that local businessman Tim Gleeson, with an eye on liquidation proceedings, has put in an offer of some $40 million for South of Lichfield."

    Care to say where that rumor comes from? It wouldn't be a badly muddled version of this rumor, would it...

    "According to one source, businessman Tim Glasson may have made an offer for Hotel SO of around $40 million." - NBR, 15th August

  2. It was reported in the NBR but I heard the story from elsewhere. Christchurch is a small town and these rumours quickly circulate.
    The mangling of Glasson's name was the product of me not proofreading what I wrote. Pure laziness.

  3. Looks like Chinese whispers to me. I doubt Hotel SO and SOL coincidently have the same price tag and the same buyer.

    By the way, has anyone stayed in Hotel SO, or know anyone who has stayed there? Looks like a pretty cool concept, but at $40 million, a little out of my price range.

  4. to me this whole business really stinks especially in view of the rent increases by the same council on mostly low income council tenants, Bob reacons $6/weeks is not much for these folk...its a hell of a lot for people with a discretionary income of $10/week or less! But Bob is just so enamoured with the trendy vision of his buddy Henderson, he doesnt care about folk who would not have the readies to frequent the wanky SOL square scene. Hes a fascist dandy. Hopefully chch ppl will wake up and vote the poncy prick out next time.

  5. @ Beatnik: There's no doubt he wouldn't survive another election, but 2 years is too long to wait, and too much risk of more of these stunts from him and his, in the meantime. The question is, how to get rid of him NOW?

  6. In reply to nefarious, the Redcliffs Residents' Assn wrote a letter to the editor of The Press as follows: “The Redcliffs Residents’ Association wishes to register a vote of no confidence in the Mayor of Christchurch and every councillor who voted in favour of the purchase of any of the properties of Mr David Henderson.” We should all do the same, but I don't think I have an Assn in my area, but I will research that one further. I am sending a formal complaint to the Auditor General, and you could all do the same, and encourage everyone you know. You have a great site, Steven, but you need to somehow promote it more. I came across it the other day just by accident. But, unfortunately, I have no brainwaves there. What about Ali Jones, she is doing her best to fight the Council on this issue. Can you go on her programme and get her backing? I'm sure she would love to have you and your knowledge. I sent her an email today, and got a very big "thank you" for my support. Perhaps NewstalkZB could sponsor an advert in the local paper/s???? Just a few ideas. I would love to hire a helicopter and drop 17 million leaflets all over the City! Unfortunately, I do not have Dave's (now diminishing) financial backers. No point in asking the CCC,I suppose!!

    Also, in reply to the anonymous "mr", who does not give his own name himself, but criticises others, (in past posts I have just read) are pathetic. Sometimes people want to give information, but do not want to lose their job if they work for say, either Mr H, the IRD, the CCC, or some other sensitive related organisation. So, what is your excuse, "mr wimp"?

    In closing, I wish to state quite categorically that Dave Henderson's book (and movie)is a work of pure fiction, and I can prove that one, mr wimp!!!!! I also have past knowledge, which I, unfortunately, cannot pass on to the general public, as I am governed by one of those stupid "Acts". Does that answer your question, "mr wimp"?

  7. Woah there Polly!

    I never picked my name on here, I just put in my email address and that's the username I ended up with. (I guess I should identify myself like that nice chap whose parents obviously named him Nefarious_2000?)

    Note: I haven't asked anyone to say who they are on here - ever.

    In fact, the closest I have got is to mention that I don't believe people should make unsubstantiated anonymous posts on the internet and never had to back it up.

    Here's an example: "I can categorically state that Polly from the Redcliffs Resident's Association is a psychotic cleptomaniac who likes to harm small animals. I have extensive proof of this, but am bound by a number of statutes including the The Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Amendment Act 1999."

    Now that's just an example, but I'm sure why you understand why this type of posting, is never o.k, no matter what side of the fence you are sitting on.

  8. nefarious: much as i would like to see Bob gone by may be better to let him (and the chch voters who allowed him in) to sweat a while...less than 40% of us voted in the last council elections so hopefully more will have thier say next time round. my more immediate concern is if we can be fooled into voting in a gameshow host as mayor...will we end up with a money trader as PM?who are John Keys sponsors?...bigger sharks than henderson i would guess.


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