The few supporters of failed property developer Dave Henderson often refer to 'Hendo' as a 'visionary.'

People like Mayor Bob Parker and Councillor Sue Wells claim that Henderson has been good for the central city and invariably cite his South of Lichfield (SOL) development as evidence of this.

Henderson's critics, such as architect Peter Beaven, say that SOL has simply become another venue for binge drinking and general mayhem.

It also seems that SOL has been a popular venue for underage drinking.

Five bars within SOL have been caught selling alcohol to teenagers.

The four bars are The Fish and Chip Shop, Cartel, His Lordships, Fat Eddies and Ishimito.

In March the poilce sent two teenagers (aged 16 and 17 years) into a number of central city bars during a controlled operation.

The Liquor Licensing Authority heard that, on all four occasions, the teenagers were served alcohol in the SOL bars. None of the bar staff asked to see identification.

As a consequence, the four general managers at the SOL bars have had their licenses suspended for 30 days. The bars were also suspended from selling alcohol for set periods of time, ranging from 24 hours to three days.

The Cartel bar is part-owned by Johnny Moore who is the son of former mayor Garry Moore. The ex-mayor is working for the Christchurch City Council as a private consultant on 'urban renewal'.

It's ironic that Mayor Bob Parker and his council supporters claim they want to 'renew' the central city but, at the same time, are financially assisting a failed developer whose 'major' development is the scene of binge - and underage - drinking.

Very 'visionary'...


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