Since arriving back from Beijiing, Sideshow Bob Parker has been keeping a low profile.

A man always on the lookout for some media publicity ('announcing the purchase of the Ellerslie Garden Show, his 'stand' against boy racers), Sideshow Bob has not been at all keen to promote the purchase of $17 million worth of over-valued properties from failed developer Dave Henderson.

Sideshow has been evading media questioning, declining to be interviewed by both The Press and by the Ali Jones Show on NewstalkZB.

If this is such a fantastic deal as Bob claims, one would of expected him to be out there publicising it to the wider Christchurch community. But - not a word.

Clearly Sideshow Bob is hoping that the whole affair will just go away. Of course, he also thought that if the purchase was announced on a Friday afternoon - while he was in Beijiing - it would somehow slip through without scrutiny. A bad miscalculation on Bob's part.

There is, however, a pathetic defence of the shonky property purchase on his mayoral website.

Also on his website Bob says he always interested on hearing from us, so readers can leave Sideshow an appropiate message if they want..


  1. Two weeks on and this issue is still gaining momentum. Why do I get the feeling that Bob figured he just had to lay low for a few days, and it would all be forgotten?

    As for Henderson - typical of his ego to think that it's all about him: "...the media will have another whipping boy in a couple of weeks", and "there has been no intellectual debate".

    Sorry Davey, you are now the least important part of the equation, and in fact you are about as significant as an errant tagger in avonhead. It's not "all about you", although it is incredible to see some of the people whom you have conned, this time.


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