Despite the efforts of some in the media, like Sunrise's James Coleman and Radio Live's Michael Laws, to blame Folole Muliaga for her own demise, the coroner's report has today confirmed what was obvious from day one - there wasa direct link between her death and Mercury Energy's cutting off of her power.

Muliaga died soon after a Mercury Energy contractor cut off the power to the family home because of an outstanding bill for just over $168.

The 44-year-old was dependent upon an oxygen machine in her home.

The Coroner is critical of Mercury Energy, finding it did not follow the electricity guidelines and had it done so, Fofole Muliaga's death may have been prevented.

At the time Sunrise co-host James Coleman, then a talkback host on Radio Live, speculated on where 'all' the Muliaga family's money was going and even suggested that Mrs Muliaga was spending it on 'smokes' (she didn't smoke).

Fellow Radio Live host Michael Laws said it was own fault because she shouldn't have been so overweight.

While putting the boot into the unfortunate Mrs Muliaga, neither Coleman or Laws had anything critical to say about Mercury Energy.

Both right wing hosts have condemned themselves with their own words.


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