Failed property developer and urban 'visionary' Dave Henderson oftens parades his South of Lichfield drinking hole as an excellent example of a 'exciting' and 'cosmopolitan' central Chrostchurch.

Other people are less convinced - like noted architect Peter Beaven for example.

Also not convinced are the local businesses around SOL who have to deal with its 'exciting' and 'cosmopolitan' drunken patrons.

One such local business is the Honeypot Cafe. It has been at its present Lichfield Street location some twenty years or so.

Owner Del Carrodus and his staff don't regard SOL as 'exciting' or 'cosmopolitan' - not when SOL patrons are trying to urinate in the cafe doorway when its still open.

Carrodus told The Press that he spends many mornings cleaning up vomit and other nasty stuff in the alleyway behind the Honeypot.

He says the behavious at SOL has gradually got worse over the past year - and the police agree. It says that every bar in SOL has caused it problems.

No less than five SOL bars were recently convicted of selling alcohol to underage teenagers.

Ex-mayor Garry Moore seems to like SOL though. He can often be seen there - 'walking around as if he owns the place', one Lichfield Street worker told me.


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