I can't say that I, politically, have a whole lot in common with the UnIted Future leader Peter Dunne but, he too, appears to think that the carbon emissions trading scheme will hit the poorest hardest.

He points out that, despite households facing even steeper costs, all we will get is a one-off payment of $112.50 in 1010 - something that neither Labour or the Greens were too eager to admit.

This works out at about $2.15 a week.

Says Dunne: "The effect of this ill-conceived and badly-designed scheme on the ordinary household will be devastating.

"In return for soaring food, fuel and transport costs, the average Kiwi householder will be able to get to the supermarket (probably on foot) where their extra $2.15 a week will be able to buy just over a block of butter or slightly more than one loaf of bread or just over a half a packet of Weetbix or one lamb chop.'

Dunne thinks that the carbon emissions schme will cost New Zealand households something like $50 a week.


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