Just a short few months ago the Minister of Finance was telling us that New Zealand, and the world, were living in economically prosperous times. We had never had it so good was Michael Cullen's message and, of course, he and the Labour Government were all too eager to claim credit for some of the economic bounty.

Just a short few months later Cullen, a man who has never stepped back from promoting the cause of global capitalism and its corporations and institutions, has suddenly decided that he isn't such a big supporter after all.

But, because we're in an election campaign, he's gone one step further - into Crazy Town.

According to Cullen because National leader John Key used to work for the failed investment bank Merrill Lynch, he must carry his share of the blame for the crisis of global capitalism. Pontificates Cullen: - Merrill Lynch have failed, Key used to work for Merrill Lynch - therefore he can't be trusted with the reins of political power. It's a large leap in logic but, hey, who cares when the name of the game is throwing mud and hoping some of it will stick.

After having had his hand in the free market cookie jar for many years Cullen would like us now to believe that, actually, he isn't just another free market politician. Not like nasty John Key! Unfortunately for little Michael the chocolate and cookie crumbs smeared around his mouth tell us otherwise.

This Labour government over the last eight years has, like most western governments, benefited from the world boom. The programme of the government has been pro-capitalist at the general expense of New Zealand workers who have at best been granted minor reforms.

Now, when things are falling apart, its a bit late for Cullen and his Labour Government, to try to distance themselves from the capitalist conflagration and paint John Key as the bogeyman again.

Next Cullen will be telling us he has rediscovered John Keynes! That really would be crazy!


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