The High Court case against the Christchurch City Council’s massive twenty-four percent increase in council rents was heard today.

The complaint was lodged by the Council of Social Services. It says that the council has breached the Local Government Act.

The case is being heard after figures were released last week that showed that council tenants are living their homes in droves.

Council figures show that 110 tenancies ended in July and August compared with 65 in the same two months last year, a rise of 70 per cent.

The city council, again displaying the arrogance that has become all too characteristic of the Mayor Parker regime, has claimed that no one has left because of the rent rise.

However as the chief executive of Age Concern Canterbury has said the increase cannot be seen isolation. Andrew Dickerson has pointed that the rent increase has come at a time when power and food prices have also skyrocketed.

Dickerson said six Age Concern clients had moved out because of the increased rents and another 50 were considering leaving.

"We need to remember this is people's homes and they are an extremely vulnerable group. The council need to monitor the impact of their decisions. It's very disturbing."


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