Christchurch Mayor Sideshow Bob Parker has been mayor almost a year now (only a year, jeez), and Bob's been in a reflective mood.

In his latest funny column on the mayoral website Bob's been looking back on his first year - a year which has seen Bob annoy and upset most of Christchurch.

As you would expect though, the column is devoted to what Sideshow Bob does best -promoting himself - so there is no mention at all of bailing out failed property developer and Zenith Applied Philosophy loony Dave Henderson. Nor is there any mention of putting up council rents by a massive twenty four percent.

Nor is there any mention of the costs escalating for the new council offices.

Yes, life's a rose garden, according to the Audi-driving Bob. In fact, Bob says he loves his job! Who knew that making life miserable for some of Chrstchurch's most vulnerable people could be so much fun!

But Sideshow Bob knows that he and most of his council are deeply unpopular with the good people of Christchurch. So someone within the council bureaucracy (perhaps his press officer, Diane Keenan) has decided it would be a good idea if Sideshow got out there to 'meet and greet' the people.

Yes, dear Christchrch ratepayers, Sideshow Bob is coming to your neighbourhood soon! Apparently, he wants to listen to your concerns! Well, he might listen but he and his council will go ahead and do what they want anyway.

The Sidehow Bob Travellin' Roadshow is just a big PR stunt from a mayor who heads a deeply undemocratic and unpopular council.


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