Minister of Finance Michael Cullen can’t make his mind up about John Key and the National Party.

First up, he accuses National leader John Key of being single-handledly responsible for the crisis of global capitalism because he used to be a money trader for the failed Merrill Lynch.

But Cullen, bizarrely, is now accusing fellow neoliberal Key and the National Party of communism! Has John Key been reading Capital Vol 1? Has Bill English been thinking about surplus value? Perhaps Gerry Brownlee has been musing on dialectical materialism?

The answer is even more ridiculous.

Yesterday Key announced that a National government would direct the New Zealand Superannuation Fund to invest at least 40 percent of its assets into New Zealand investments

Cullen now says that neoliberal Key wants to give his finance minister Bill English "the power to direct the buy up overtime, of large chunks of New Zealand's private sector" which is apparently akin to communism!

So John Key is now a neoliberal communist! This is a schizophrenic political beast indeed.

Seriously though what we are witnessing is the sight of two major parliamentary parties, having for decades told us that the free market was the only path to follow, slowly but surely resorting to Keynesian –inspired economic policies.

Its all hands to the economic pumps as National and Labour try to stop the economy sliding into a deep recession.

They won’t work of course but that won’t stop Labour and National promoting and implementing such policies.

Meanwhile we can expect more confusing ramblings from Cullen. He’s a Minister of Finance clearly under pressure as he discovers that Marx was right all along...


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