With US – and global capitalism – going into meltdown the Bush administration wants to bail out its Wall Street buddies with $750 billion of taxpayers money – that way Bush's Wall Street mates won’t have to sell their numerous mansions and plush apartments, still fly first class, and still charge ‘business lunches’ to the company expense account.

These leading lights of the ‘free market’, who, for over two decades, have constantly lambasted any form of ‘state intervention’ or ‘state assistance’ can’t wait to get their hands on some of that lovely dosh.

In return the taxpayer gets a whole load of worthless ‘distressed assets and investments’ that the free market geniuses have created.

But what if ordinary people could sell their crap to the US Treasury secretary Henry Paulson and the Bush Administration?

Well, now you can! All you have to do is go to buymyshitpile.com where you can submit any old rubbish you would like George and Henry to take off your hands.

Visitors to the site are reminded that the going price for a bad asset or investment is whatever they think it is worth. So if you’ve got a whole stash of worthless Bridgecorp shares - sell them at buymyshitpile.com.

Presently someone is selling an ‘asshole ex-husband’ for one cent.

And, being a Newcastle United supporter, I’m not pleased to see my club up for sale at $800,000,000.

Of more interest though is that I see that the Christchurch City Council is up for grabs – a bargain at just $17 million! $17 million? Now that’s a familiar figure..


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