While the Bush Administration throws billions of dollars at Wall Street, it is being less generous toward the people who are suffering the consequences of Wall Street's greed.

On Thursday the White House press secretary Dana Perino said that the Bush administration would oppose any attempts to extend unemployment benefits - a stance that Bush has taken before.

She explained the Bush position by saying, “we want people to be able to return to the workplace as soon as possible.” The suggestion was that extending benefits somehow prevents people from returning to work.

So with the American - and world - economy collapsing, Bush's response to the growing unemployment figures is simply to blame the victim again - people aren’t working because jobless benefits are somehow too generous and they’re too lazy to look for work again.

The US Department of Labour reported last week that the United States shed 159,000 jobs in September, and the unemployment rate has increased to its highest level in five years.

And tens of thousands more will be thrown out of work as the consequences of the Wall Street collapse flows into the wider economy.

While the rich get to keep their millions, their mansions and plush apartments, ordinary Americans get nothing but the bill for bailing out the fat cats.


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