I see that the Green Party are, once again, calling again for the repealing of Labour's foreshore and seabed legislation.

According to Green MP Metiria Turei (who is likely to be co-leader Fitzsimon's successor) this legislation is 'massively underused and pointless.'

This is untrue and Turei is simply playing games when she says things like this.

In fact, despite the appearance of being a 'progressive' move, the repeal of the foreshore and seabed legislation would be massively right wing.

Both columnist Chris Trotter and political scientist Bryce Edwards have pointed out that the nationalisation of the beaches means a guarantee that everyone can use them. Turei's call for repeal is a call for privatisation of much of our coastline.

Repealing this legislation would open the door to private beaches. Given the fact that the Maori Party has already said that it would not necessarily oppose the further sale of public assets, this is a real threat.

Of course the problem for the National Party is that it knows that its support base actually supports the coastline remaining under the protection of the state. Although you would think it would be all in favour 'private property rights' on this issue it actually regards free and common access to beaches as more of a priority.

So sending this issue off to some nebulous 'review process' means that John Key does not have to confront this issue quite just yet.

However it is interesting to note that in February Trotter was of the opinion that the National Party was busy writing repeal legislation.

Meanwhile Turei's viewpoint once again highlights the right wing views prevalent within the Green's parliamentary team. Indeed Norman and co are now running the show - the party itself appears to have remarkably little influence over policy formation. This is somewhat ironic for a party that once prided itself on its 'grassroots' origins.


  1. dude.
    You can't have private property rights over entry to the NaTION
    New Zealand.
    People like Tumeke and co are just drivelling on.
    Foreshore power ownership is Refused.


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