The election of Phil Goff as Labour leader will hardly set the world on fire, although it might give some of us a bit of a laugh.

Phil Goff. As Victor Meldrew might say - 'I don't believe it!'

Goff was a strong supporter of Rogernomics during the 1980s and nothing he has said or done since has deviated from his core belief in the supremacy of the 'market'. Indeed he is probably a little more 'right' than Helen Clark.

Of course the ideology of neo-liberalism gets more discredited by the day as global capitalism collapses under a mountain of debt, but here in little old New Zealand we like to do things differently.

Our Prime Minister is a former stockmarket trader - he made most of his wealth while at the failed Merrill Lynch.

Meanwhile we have Act leader and market zealot Rodney Hide, already clamouring for 'spending cuts', requesting a briefing from Treasury officials - which I'm sure that the truly despicable Roger Douglas will be interested to hear about.

Parliament has turned into a second hand car yard where dodgy characters in terrible suits (including canary yellow jackets) try to sell us a clapped-out vehicle that is falling apart, won't start, and no-one else wants. Neo-liberal economics is yesterday's economic model - it didn't work then and it's certainly not working now.

Even the Green's light green and fuel-efficient little runabout is a lemon.

And Phil Goff? He's yesterday's politician. It's back to the future with Labour!

I await bloggers Martyn Bradbury and Russell Brown to attack Phil Goff just as vehemently as they have John Key.

And no doubt Chris Trotter will have something to say about Phil Goff being male...


  1. Genuine question.
    Can you lead us to a simple explanation of an effective economic form.
    I watched that Economist professor bloke Wolfe on your site but he gave absolutely no evidence whatsoever for his assertions.


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