Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, launched when much of the global corporate media is in 'holiday' mode, have killed over two hundred people and injured nearly 800.

And there's been no response from the John Key government. Indeed the only squeak we've heard from the National is Gerry Brownlee asking the oil companies to drop their petrol prices. Brownlee is hoping to collect a few brownie points, parading himself as a 'champion' of the little guy.

Gaza though appears to be well off National's radar.

At least the Alliance have condemned the air strikes and called on John Key to condemn them as well.

Fat chance of that though. The National Government's silence amounts to tacit support for the Bush-approved military attack.

Of course our media have gone into hibernation for the next month. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Murray McCully knows that he can breathe easy, safe in the knowledge that TVNZ and co are too concerned with other pressing matters - like holiday traffic 'jams' and shopping mall sales.


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