It's a brand new year but the media clowns don't change - they're just as gung ho reactionary and as stupid as ever.

First up this year its that perennial reactionary clown, tailback host Bruce Russell - the man with the intelligience of a dishcloth.

During the holiday period Russell is trumpeting his acute and well-researched political opinions on Newstalk ZB's afternoon show - normally he's buried away on the graveyard shift.

Today he was in fine form, having a go at an MP he dislikes intensely - Green MP Keith Locke.

According to Russell, Locke would like to have all the Guantanamo prisoners living in 'our neighbourhoods'.

'He wants to bring people into this country who want to blow us up,' declared Russell. 'These are very bad people.'

Fantastic stuff.

As usual Russell failed to tell us how he knew all this - where was his evidence that 'these people' wanted to blow us up? Or was he just making it all up again? Had he forgotten to take his tablets?

Russell, guns blazing, then described Locke as an 'apologist for terrorism'. A totally outrageous claim but one that his redneck audience clearly lapped up.

'Locke should be sent to Afghanistan or Iraq' said one email, which Russell took great delight in reading out.

What was Bozo Russell so irritated about?

Well, Locke has spoken out against the Israeli invasion of Gaza - and Russell is a consistent apologist for the Israeli government.

According to Russell, its not terrorism when the Israeli military kill innocent men, women and children - but it is when Hamas fire rockets into Israel.

What a clown.


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