Telecom chairman Wayne Boyd will be sharing his thoughts on employment at John Key's 'Job Summit.'

Boyd might have to deftly sidestep around the difficult issue of the growing unemployment figures since his company have shunted many an unfortunate Telecom worker down to the local offices of Work and Income.

Earlier this month 250 Telecom call centre workers lost their jobs when Telecom announced it was transferring said jobs to Manila in the Phillippines where the wages are much lower.

And it is likely that more Telecom call centre jobs will be Manila-bound in the future. This was revealed in an internal Telecom memo leaked to the media last year that indicated that 1500 call centre jobs could eventually be ' outsourced'.

Telecom denied this and said that 'only' 140 jobs were being 'trialed'.

But another tale of worker woe would not be complete without the appearance of the ubiquitous Andrew Little, national secretary of the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union. This is the union that employers say is 'a pleasure to work with'.

Little, taking time off from whatever he does all day, said that he had heard mixed stories about working conditions in the Philippines and thought it was "dodgy" for Telecom to take advantage of the workers.

Dodgy? We're talking a major loss of jobs and Little thinks its just, er 'dodgy'? It's 'dodgy' when someone farts in a crowded elevator - but its kind of a lot more serious when 250 workers get shown the door.

Andy Pandy went on to say "It is a low-income country with a poor economy. It's not a good look for a big corporate to take advantage of that.'

It's 'not a good look'? Apparently we're now at a fashion show..

So what was Andrew Little going to do about it? Well, he did what he always does - absolutely nothing.


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