Sideshow Bob's really milking the Ellerslie Garden Show for all the self publicity he can get - he's everywhere!

Here he is looking daft on the cover on Avenue magazine which is published by the Christchurch Press. But he's also been on radio and on television, including a ridiculous piece of puffery on TV1's Close Up.

Tickets aren't exactly cheap.

After Parker forked out some $2 million of their money for this show, the Christchurch ratepayer still has to pay $35 for a one day ticket with the family price being a big $75.

In these tough economic times many people don't have this kind of disposable cash. Of course they are also mostly the same people who would never vote for Sideshow Bob...


  1. Good on ya, Steve. The ticket prices are outrageous - especially since we forked out $2 million for 'the rights'. What the hell are the rights anyway?
    Also. Today (Wed) ChCh is in the grip of a big winter-like storm - cold, wet, windy. STUPID idea to have a garden show in March! Whose bright idea was that?

  2. Avenues magazine always makes me laugh. Its just a pointless publication whos audience is the self apointed Christchurch glitterati.

  3. Being a keen gardener , I would have liked to go, but at $70 for my partner and myself , we simply cannot afford it.


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