The new radio ratings confirm, yet again, that Kiwi FM continues to broadcast to, well, no-one.

No, that's not exactly true. It's broadcasting to a farcical 0.2 percent of the total radio audeince - as it was during the last ratings sweep. Given that there is a margin of error of 0.70 percent, its audience could even be smaller.

What rankles about Kiwi FM is that it is squatting in the three FM frequencies that were reserved for a non-commercial youth radio network.

This network would have provided youth-orientated shows on a range of issues.

The debacle that is Kiwi FM is mostly Steve Maharey's fault.

The former Minister of Broadcasting in the Labour Government said that Kiwi FM would be given a year to 'prove itself'. Well, it didn't prove itself - but Steve 'Third Way' Maharey sat on his hands and allowed the farcical Kiwi to keep the frequencies.

Trevor Mallard took over from Maharey and he also did nothing.

So Kiwi FM remains on air, broadcasting to a ridiculous 0.2 percent of the total radio audience.

How long will this farce be allowed to continue?


  1. You are right Stephen, percentage share is a farcical way to measure specialised "long tail" media. That is why it's better to focus on actual numbers. Kiwi improved its total audience from 19,000 to 25,600. That is not an insignificant increase in cume. What it also doesn't take into account is the number of Sky and online listeners via the website or podcasts.

    I'm not going to argue here the merits of what should or shouldn't be broadcasting on those frequencies other than to say that it is probably a moot point right now in the current economic climate.

    What I will say is that the small and dedicated team at Kiwi FM put out a world class programme of New Zealand music, culture, news, interviews and current affairs on an equally small budget and minimal marketing spend.

    I could be wrong but I do get the impression from all your posts about Kiwi FM that you are unaware of the on-air content.

    It's helpful when new listeners spread the word after they hear something they like on Kiwi. So why don't you listen and see what we have to offer sometime and if you like what you hear, write about it on your blog.

  2. Why should Kiwi FM be oocupying the three frequencies that were reserved for a non-commercial youth network?
    Glen Williams doesn't answer the question except to imply there's no money for such a network - so, by default, we're stuck with Kiwi FM. Game over.
    Not good enough.
    Mediaworks did not want to see a non-commercial network established because it feared it would lose audience share.
    It was completely unacceptable for the former Labour Govt to play ball with Mediaworks - as Neill Finn, among others, has also pointed out.
    Glen Williams is the breakfast host on Kiwi FM.
    The station's programme schedule is dominated heavily by New Zealand music, mostly of the 'alternative' variety.

  3. If Kiwi does have a small budget, as Williams says, then why doesn't Mediaworks stump up some money?

  4. I'm open to both sides of the coin, however what's your issue Steven?

    Is it that Kiwi FM audience is only 0.2% which could be 0.70 more or less.

    "Data" only tells us 1 part of the big picture & this is where I'm confused....

    If your issue is directly numbers then I can see their potentially is an "issue".

    However, as mentioned above "data" only tells us 1 part of a picture.

    How else is Kiwi FM meant to "prove" themselves?

    Or is your issue that; the space/money reserved for kiwi fm, should have gone for a non-commercial youth radio network?

    You have commented in your reply to Glenn, that.
    The station's programme schedule is dominated heavily by New Zealand music, mostly of the 'alternative' variety.

    Where is the problem with 'alternative' variety?

    I'm sorry that I don't "fully" comprehend your issue with Kiwi FM.

    Thanks and look forward to trying to understand.

  5. steve mate
    point me in the direction of a station that plays music that supports the local industry. point in the direction of a station that has educated presenters that are pastionate about what they do .point me in the direction of station we do not have to listen to jocks with there hands on thier -----. show me that station and i will turn in .
    out of interest what station do you listen to?

    your mate mate


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