The owner of the Levin pig farm under scrutiny for the poor treatment of its animals is Colin Kay.

Kay is a former director of the New Zealand Pork Industry Board. He has been involved in the pig industry for some 29 years.

He presently has some 900 breeding sows on the four farms he owns or co-owns. The farms are worth an estimated $4 million.

In February this year he told the New Zealand Farmers Weekly that 'pigs aren't everyone's cup of tea' and that to work with them 'takes special people who must first and foremost love animals'.

"It takes about a month to sort out whether someone is cut out for it or not and invariably it emerges they are animal lovers, " said Kay.

Kay is no rogue farmer.- there are nearly 22,000 breeding sows living in the same horrific conditions throughtout the country.


  1. Colin Kay thinks he's an animal lover?! The guy is seriously deluded.

  2. good post dude, in my experience people who like animals are kind to animals, and that is not necessarily
    what you will think if you know nothing about animals,


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