Last week the Christchurch City Council released a 'Master Plan' which outlines the council's proposals for the south side of central Christchurch.

According to the council's press release,'the vision is to redevelop the central city south with a mix of residential and commercial uses and an expanded lanes network.'

This will sound familiar to people who have been following the adventures of failed property developer Dave Henderson. He's been banging on about a 'residential and commercial mix' for years but all the Hendo vision has created is yet another site for drunken mayhem on Friday and Saturday nights - South of Lichfield (SOL). And, like most of Hendo's schemes, its also got its financial problems.

I also understand that former Mayor Garry Moore - and another Henderson supporter - has also had an imput into the 'Master Plan'.

In 2007 Henderson funded the election campaign of Johnny Moore, the former mayor's son. Johnny Moore stood for the Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board but he wasn't elected.

And if you read on in the press release you will discover that the 'Master Plan', which encompasses SOL, has been developed with architects, engineers developers. No prizes for guessing who one of those 'property developers' might be. Clue: He's a good mate of the Minister for Local Government.

Of significance is that the plans include proposals to develop the five properties bought from Hendo last year for $17 million.

Hendo has first refusal to buy them back.

Of course, this might never happen given the financially 'fragile' state of the Hendo 'Empire'.

But you can bet that the struggling Henderson will be looking to get some financial leverage from the council's plans.


  1. There seems little point asking the Auditor General to investigate alleged errors of process by the CCC in not consulting over the Henderson Master Plan. After all, how can anyone have confidence in a Government appointed body that on investigating the CCC $17m Henderson property deal, found no wrongdoing. Not that the friendship CCC CEO Tony Marryatt was boosting he has with the Auditor General, had any influence!


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